Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day again…

Yes, it is the first day of school today. Here are the photos taken before school.

DSC05750Aubrie 8th grade

DSC05747 Keeley 5th grade

DSC05753 Henry 3rd grade

DSC05756 Jesse 1st grade

DSC05754 Andee said she needed a picture taken today as well.

DSC05743 And this was taken by Jesse a few days ago.

This morning I also had the pleasure of taking my friend, Mindy’s kids to school as well. She had emergency back surgery on Friday and is unable to drive. So I took 8 kids to 8 classrooms, in two different schools, 17 lb. backpacks of school supplies, and 2 small girls -one in a stroller with jammies still on.

Andee is having a fun morning with playdoh, hide and seek, bubbles, and several other things we don’t do during the summer.

I decided to make bus cake ‘brownies today’ so we’ll see how that turns out.


Unknown said...

I was so so excited to see this post today! It made my day....I miss your sweet family. They are so grown up!

Mom/Sharon said...

Everybody looks happy first day of school. The brownie cake is a great idea and I bet it tasted even better

Suzie Knowlton said...

Oh my goodness you girls are so stinking gorgeous!!!! And you boys look pretty snazzy to :)